Answers to frequently asked questions-faq

Where is the hotel located? How far is it from the sea?

The Hotel is located in Tortoreto Lido in via Aldo Moro n. 76, just 100 m from the seafront (1 minute walk) and 300 m from the Lido "Righi a mare" (4 minutes’ walk).

It is located in the center of Tortoreto Lido and is, therefore, very close to the 2 main streets:

  • via Trieste (300 m, 3 minutes walk)
  • via Carducci (550 m, 7 minutes walk)

Are there rooms with sea view?

We are not in the front row but we have rooms with side sea view, facing the main street via Aldo Moro (North). These rooms have a surcharge of € 5 per day.

Should I book directly at the hotel?

The advantage of booking rooms directly and without intermediation is to obtain more advantageous rates than online booking services, as there are no commissions to be incurred.

Is there a shuttle service to and from airports or stations?

We do not have an internal shuttle service but we use a taxi service, with advantageous prices for our guests.

Is there a tourist tax in Tortoreto?

Yes. The Municipality of Tortoreto provides a tourist tax of € 1.50 per night for each guest over 14 years of age and for a maximum of 10 consecutive nights. For more information please see the municipal regulations: https://www.comune.tortoreto.te.it/imposta-di-soggiorno

Does the hotel have a private beach?

Yes, the hotel has a private beach "Righi a mare", located about 300 m from the hotel (4 minutes walk).

How are umbrellas assigned on the beach?

The location and the row are assigned according to availability on the day of arrival. Therefore, you cannot choose rows. Disabled people, on request, can receive an umbrella next to the walkway.

Is it possible to continue to use the beach on the day of departure?

For reasons of space unfortunately we can not leave available the umbrella assigned on the day of check-out. However, we will try , on request, to check the availability of another free place in which you can stay free, for a few hours.

Does the hotel have a swimming pool?

No, the hotel does not have a swimming pool but a large jacuzzi in the garden. To use it, just book at reception.

Do you accept pets in the hotel?

In respect of all guests, we accept medium-small animals, as long as they are polite and silent, which must be reported at the time of booking. They also are allowed at the beach but must remain under the umbrella. They will not be allowed in the dining room.

Is there parking inside the hotel?

Yes, the hotel has 3 free private parking areas. 2 inside the hotel and one outside, 100 meters away (via Concordia). There is also a covered parking garage at a cost of € 10 per day, which can be booked in advance. Please note that even in the streets surrounding the structure you can park for free. In periods of great crowding, we are not able to guarantee an internal parking space for everyone.

Is there free Wi-Fi?

Yes, the whole structure is covered by an excellent Wi-Fi system of the latest generation, to guarantee our guests a stable and fast connection.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

The room is available from 12.00. If it is not occupied the day before, it will be available from 10.30 am. Those arriving early will have access to the hotel's public areas. On the day of departure, check-out must take place by 9:00 am.

Is there a menu to choose from for meals? Is there a buffet?

Yes, the menu of the first day is provided upon arrival directly at the reception, so you can choose at the moment what you want to eat for both lunch and dinner. For the following days, you will find the menu at the table and will have to fill it out by choosing meals for the next day. There will always be a buffet in addition to the meals served at the table by our staff.

Is there a bike rental?

Yes, we provide bicycles that can be used by collecting the keys at the reception. The bikes are stored at the back of the hotel and can be used for 2 hours free of charge. Upon returning, the key must be returned to the reception in order to allow all guests to use them.

Is half board possible?

Yes, half board is provided with a reduction of € 5 per person per day and is intended as breakfast + dinner. If you prefer lunch instead of dinner, you must communicate it at least one day in advance.

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